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a liveband with a flaming spectacular stageshow and a big set of songs

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The Band

Angie, at her burning guitar, the banjo and her marvellous voise, once founded the band FIRENIGHT in 1996 with Wendell at his piano, the leadguitar, the double - bass and his singing. Stony at the violin, the saxophone, the traverse flute and his singing and Hardo at the drums, the cachon, violone and his singing. Stony, Angie and Wendell already played together, since years, in the traditional countryband Appalachian Trail.


    Trio                         Duo                       Quartett



But the these tree decided not to play only traditional Countrymusic only. That`s why they formed two new bands. Now the countryband in a small formation, with a little more mixed countryprogram. And the band FIRENIGHT, with a versatile song program, with numbers from a lot of musical styles.They decided to present refined partymusic for every age and every taste. Out of this arose racy music, from the twenties up to thenineties, with witty show and dance intermezzos.  

Since the band needed some time to finde a qualified drummer, they were realy happy, that in a case of luck, Harde rettig joined in. And he recieved big applause from our band and the audience, even at his first gigs with us. Thus was FIRENIGHT complete again and happy to bring you fun and to really heat you up in our concerts.

we rock and we roll



Renapresents dressed in a stylish costume and accompanied by temperamento flamenco - rhythms, with percussion and cachon played by firenight in 2-3 sets about 15 minutes. And we also invite our audience to a little dancing - course!





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